The Morning After a Storm

In mid-June we experienced what was as close to a tornado without being one since we moved here twenty-one years ago. Many trees that were toppled by the sheer winds, including one of our four Ponderosa pines.

It wasn’t just the trees that were affected by the high winds. These next images reminded me of the photographs one often sees published after a horrific hurricane wipes out a city or a tornado flattens a town. In the morning after the storm, I drove around checking the overall condition of our place, including the bird nest boxes which were in use by our avian residents.

This next picture is of one of our new PVC nest boxes which a lovely pair of House Wrens were using to raise their brood. The wind had not damaged the house, but it had shaken it loose where it was attached to the pole. The roof (albeit still providing the necessary protection of the contents) had twisted around. Having recently experienced the Carolina Wrens that raised their brood in the dash of our golf cart which was often removed completely from its position, I hoped that the House Wrens would be tolerant of the shift in position that the winds had caused.

I heard and then saw the Wrens in the trees near the box. Then, one flew over and perched on the loosened hardware. I got the feeling that this bird was standing at the curb of her damaged home waiting for the insurance adjuster to show up!

I was able to straighten the wren’s abode and they seemed content with the job. Here’s a video taken two days after the storm.

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