Second Brood Update

I can’t say for certain that the eggs I have spotted recently are a second brood for a specific pair of birds. But, it’s likely. All of the birds I had observed in our nest boxes fledged their chicks (or experienced a fatal blow due to predators or nest site take overs from other species.) So, these clutches are most probably a second undertaking for the season. Fingers crossed for a successful crop of little fledglings.

I recently produced eight additional PVC boxes which we are in the process of installing along with removing some of the older wooden boxes which, for me, have been less than satisfactory for several reasons. At this time, I haven’t renumbered any of the boxes, as I would like the numbering to be as linear (as I move around the property) as possible. Hence, the wordy headings below.

Gilbertson box (original position 14)

The wooden box at this location had been infested and reinfested with field mice. We replaced it with a commercially build thin-wall PVC box. Tree Swallows fledged chicks from this box earlier this year. Now, it contains two, lovely Bluebird eggs.

TJ’s PVC box (original position 15)

Like box 14, this wooden box was also infested with field mice that wouldn’t leave. So, we installed one of our own PVC models in the location. A pair of bluebirds fledged a brood earlier this year.Now, it contains a House wren nest with five eggs.

TJ’s PVC box: Sham’s Paddock South entry

This is a new TJ’s PVC box that we put up in the first round of adding the PVC boxes to our “available housing.” It had no action until now. While the eggs are white (which made me think they belonged to Tree Swallows), I have now concluded this box belongs to Bluebirds. The statement “may sometimes be white” is under the description of egg color for Eastern Bluebirds. Apparently , that’s the case here, as I have now twice seen the female exiting and entering the box. On July 15 I posted a photo of three eggs and assumed they were Tree Swallows. This photo is from July 18. I suspect they may add another egg or two to the clutch before setting for incubation.

TJ’s PVC: West Hay field – 1375 Roadside (southern position)

Tree Swallows fledged chicks from this box earlier this year. Now, we find four, pretty blue Bluebird eggs in the box. This is very exciting. This box sits not far from the location where a Bluebird couple’s wooden box was ripped open either just before the chicks fledged (or hopefully just afterwards.) Perhaps, that couple liked the location (but not the accommodations!) and stayed in the area for their second brood.

Wooden Box #11

This is a box that sits in a dry run-off (which channels surface water to our pond.) I rarely open it because I’m afraid I will get the golf cart stuck. But I keep an eye on it, and spotted a female Bluebird entering it on July 18 and got a quick photo of her before she flew off. On July 22, Robert checked and found three eggs.

So, that’s a total of four Eastern Bluebird couples taking advantage of our boxes. That makes my heart sing.

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