Month: July 2022

The Special Acre

When Robert and I first visited the property on which we have now lived for over twenty years, we were standing in the driveway with the realtor who gestured to the land across the street. “That acre over there also belongs to this property,”… Continue Reading “The Special Acre”

Catching Up

It’s been a minute – well, actually over two weeks that I’ve been able to post. We were super busy holding the Handler’s Instruction class for three clients who received their Service Dogs that we trained for them. I love my job, but life… Continue Reading “Catching Up”

Milkweed & Pollinators

The hedgerows that populate our retired farm are home to many native species of plants, like this Common Milkweed which is critical to the Monarch Butterfly’s survival. The adult butterflies thrive on their nectar and lay their eggs on the plant. The caterpillars eat… Continue Reading “Milkweed & Pollinators”