Month: August 2022

A Murder…of Crows

I do believe I was visited by a Murder of Crows. There were close to one hundred birds congregated in our newly cut hay field. I don’t remember when I learned that a group of crows is called a “murder” but the assembly of… Continue Reading “A Murder…of Crows”

A surprise encounter

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in the golf cart hoping to film a few birds at the mature apple tree by our old barn. There’s a 100 foot long alley that connects some of the old herding trial fields near that tree and after… Continue Reading “A surprise encounter”

Dragonflies & Butterflies

Here are a few images of these interesting creatures that I’ve spotted recently. Dragonflies Butterflies

Hummer in the Milkweed

Yesterday, Robert counted 21 hummingbirds at our feeders! I suspect that the parents are bringing their fledglings to show them how to negotiate the “artificial flowers” before their exceedingly long (especially for such a tiny bird with a super fast metabolism) migration. When he… Continue Reading “Hummer in the Milkweed”


Sunny, yellow wild flowers were smiling around our retired farm today. This blossom was visited by a bee that was carrying so much pollen, you might wonder how he keeps afloat in the air. It’s an unknown species for me. I’m not familiar with… Continue Reading “Bright”

Dragonfly Photo-bombers

I found this pretty incredible. Dragonflies photo-bombed my attempt to film this duck from about 300 feet away! If you are using a small device, I’m not sure you will be able to see the dragonflies – so drag out from the center to… Continue Reading “Dragonfly Photo-bombers”

On Today’s Menu

 “For your Starter, we are presenting only the very freshest and delectable Arachnid Crudo. Bon appetit!” On 7/30/22 I opened box #19 (in the South-east corner of Sham’s paddock) and took a quick snapshot of these little gems. They are so helpless at that… Continue Reading “On Today’s Menu”