A surprise encounter

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in the golf cart hoping to film a few birds at the mature apple tree by our old barn. There’s a 100 foot long alley that connects some of the old herding trial fields near that tree and after I had only a little luck filming birds, I drove about 40 feet into the alley and stopped. I heard the song of a bird I didn’t recognize and I was getting out my Merlin bird ID app on my phone when, at the far end of the alley – just about 60 feet away – a White-tailed deer fawn sauntered into the threshold and stopped, dead in its tracks.

I got the idea that, by the way he strolled with confidence (in the broad daylight), he often traveled down the alley way. It was clear that he did NOT expect to see me in a golf cart impeding his plans. After the initial bewilderment, I sense that he was more curiosity than anything else. Then he appeared baffled (head tilt), a bit concerned and then a bit more curious as he dipped his head and actually took a step or two towards me.

He sniffed the air, flicked his tail and he even licked his lips – I suppose perhaps to taste my scent. He bowed his head and craned his neck. I captured all these expressions as my shutter snapped away. Eventually he decided his best option was to take off and once he made that decision, he did not hesitate.

It was a marvelous 55 seconds to share with such a lovely creature.

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