Month: October 2022

Wizard Bird

I took this image of a Brown-headed Cowbird back in February 2022. He dresses up nice for Halloween!

Deep Autumn

Perennial plants, like the grasses that comprise much of our farm-gone-wild, are going dormant for the winter. But, first they must release the bounty of their summer’s mission. Seeds that float on a breeze to disperse next year’s promise can appear like snow in… Continue Reading “Deep Autumn”


When I saw the hawk perched on a dormant bird box, I stopped dead. I knew that any movement he might perceive could force him to fly off. Then, my mind went to, “oh, too bad the lighting is so bad.” Of course, I… Continue Reading “Rustic”

Until Next Year

I am not sure what bird species is my favorite. Clearly, when I was stuck indoors due to health issues and my only connection with the nature world happened from my back patio, I found the Bluebirds which made a nest in a box… Continue Reading “Until Next Year”

Bird’s Eye View

This handsome Eastern Bluebird assumed a look out position at the very top of a retired utility pole near our old barn. I suppose he wanted a Bird’s-Eye-View.

Little Fall Daisies

Although a few days ago there was a bit of frost in the morning shadows, daytime temperatures sustain both plants and animals, including insects. On a day which started close to freezing, I still provided a meal to a mosquito in the afternoon –… Continue Reading “Little Fall Daisies”

Autumn Images

Allow me to turn the captions of the following photos into prose… Seed pods open, releasing future generations of precious milkweed While trees announce the season with their stunning autumn attire Twisted grasses offer sustenance to migrating birds As a Red-shouldered hawk balances on… Continue Reading “Autumn Images”

A Warbler, a Flycatcher and a Bluebird…

You know the old joke…. A warbler, a flycatcher and a bluebird go into a bar…… OK. So, you don’t know that joke. But, the other day, as the sun was setting, I experienced something peculiar that reminded me of that joke by way… Continue Reading “A Warbler, a Flycatcher and a Bluebird…”

Still hanging out

While I don’t usually do it as a routine, sometimes I go to where I fill in a checklist of birds I’ve observed on a specific date. That organization uses the data from hobby birders when evaluating the populations of birds around the… Continue Reading “Still hanging out”

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

There’s a Mother Goose nursery rhyme that starts with the words: Sing a song of sixpence, A pocket full of rye, Four and twenty blackbirds Baked in a pie. A few weeks ago, I realized that our resident Red-wing blackbirds had all “flown the… Continue Reading “Four and Twenty Blackbirds”