Little Fall Daisies

Although a few days ago there was a bit of frost in the morning shadows, daytime temperatures sustain both plants and animals, including insects. On a day which started close to freezing, I still provided a meal to a mosquito in the afternoon – and I have the itch to prove it. None of that surprises me. However, when I came upon a stand of little wild flowers that I must name Fall Daisies because I have not done the research to determine their scientific identity I was both happy and surprised. I suppose that’s what flowers were meant to give up; unexpected joy.

It was even more thrilling to see that the little flowers were providing food for several insect species. If you look carefully, you’ll see a black and white striped bee (at least I think it’s a bee species – could be a wasp), a yellow and black insect (unknown) and also what I believe is a honey bee.

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