Catching UP

After what had been a lovely early autumn, the weather turned, skies became gray and brought with them cold winds. “Real” work consumed my time and I realized that I hadn’t been out and about – hoping to film the beauty around our farm – for almost three weeks.

Then, as the weather cleared I was hit with a pretty severe respiratory virus and learned about how a two year, world-wide pandemic of a single virus was able to influence a few other common illnesses (the flu, common cold and the RSV with which Robert and I were subjected to.)

Robert and I are both still on the mend, but feeling better.

I had intended to post a Thanksgiving Day greeting here on the blog, but simply didn’t feel well enough at the time. So I am making up for that absence.

I am very grateful for all the kind people who take a moment to scroll through the posts which I publish. I deeply appreciate your kind “Likes” and comments and I hop that you enjoy my efforts to bring a smile to your face.

I hope that you are graced with the presence of people who love and appreciate you, now and always.

2 Comments on “Catching UP

  1. Sorry you both got that. We both got flu and had no Thanksgiving, no fun, not going to several things. Heal up to all of this.

  2. So Happy you are both recovering.
    Hope with your busy lives you are getting some rest.

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