Karma Currency

Today, I began to feel as if I had wasted my time talking with a possible client for over 90 minutes when she ultimately proclaimed that she didn’t have the funds to attend our program.  It had not been easy negotiating the conversation with her.  She was, at times, quite belligerent, which I assumed was only due to her lack of understanding of the oft complicated topic.  I did my best to remain patient. 

In the end she thanked me (very genuinely) for all the valuable information she said nobody had ever taken the time to share with her. It seemed like the 100th time I had heard that said by someone who I’d probably never hear from again.

Before I allowed a negative thought to consume me, I realized I had helped this person.  Regardless of how little (if at all) it might benefit me, I knew I had done the right thing. The next thought I had was, “I just need to believe in karma!”    

I have faith that the future provides Karma Currency to those who share good deeds, today.

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