Birdie Birdie

I was fortunate to have observed a handful of the usual suspects, some of which are not all that easy to capture due to their quick in-and-out behavior around the feeder.

This is a Tufted Titmouse. They are super cute, small and flit in, grab a seed, then flit off again. Sometimes, they land in a nearby tree where, if the branches do not obscure them, I can get a few photos of them working at getting the seed out of its shell.

Tufted Titmouse, showing off the sunflower seed it extracted from the shell.

A White-crowned Sparrow. This is an adult.

A juvenile White-crowned Sparrow – the brown feathers upon its head will turn black before the next breeding season.

On of my favs! This is a Carolina Wren. Such a cutie!

Carolina Wren.

A pretty female, House Finch.

An American Goldfinch.

This is a Carolina Chickadee. Until this year, I couldn’t tell whether it was a Black-capped or a Carolina Chickadee because the species look so similar. We live on the dividing line between the species, and Birders would tell me the only way to determine them apart was via vocalizations. I used the Merlin app when I was out filming and it came back with Carolina.

A very nice looking Blue Jay.

Blue Jay.

Northern Cardinal in late afternoon light.

A lovely Downy Woodpecker.

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