Workin’ for it

Apparently, the Blue Jays in the north Pond Meadow this winter have accepted my presence, more so at least than in previous years. Last year I ached for one to land on the feeder so that I could film it. But, this year it seems they have acquiesced to the conditions of a stationary golf cart with a plump old woman and her camera parked about ten yards from the coveted peanuts, seeds and suet. Whohoo!

This bird even figured out how to carry a shelled nut along with the seemingly highly prized shelled version of the same. Why expend the energy to carry off one snack if you can handle two?

The Jays don’t stick around for long on the feeder, but often land just a short way off to crack into the shell and eat their peanut.

Here is a series of photos that highlight that process.

And now, because I like to be an equal opportunity presenter of the birds in my backyard, here’s a quick video of another bird cracking open his peanut!

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