Month: January 2023

Little Acrobats

I encountered a small group of Carolina Chickadees that were busy taking advantage of last Autumn’s spoils. Their capacity to hang up-side-down to extract the seeds from the spent weeds (aka wildflowers), made me smile. Here are photos of a couple of other birds… Continue Reading “Little Acrobats”

Rustic Winter Images

Late afternoon clouds obscure the low hanging sun yet, still there are moments to capture which present the solitude and tranquility around me. First photo shows a Dark-eyed Junco perched on an old barbed-wire fence, a rusty post and a single holdout stalk of… Continue Reading “Rustic Winter Images”

A Little Better

A couple of weeks ago I posted some photos of an American Kestrel that I claimed weren’t great, but better than the previous images I had captured of this brilliant, small falcon. I’ve heard that what you toss out into the Universe often comes… Continue Reading “A Little Better”