Sunny Sunday

I’m so happy to share this video of a Northern Harrier hunting over our pasture. I got some marginal photos of a male Harrier in the same field earlier last week, which I posted. But, they just didn’t do it justice.

This is a female that I captured with video rather than still shots, as I’m just not very good catching birds in flight. Turns out, I struggled keeping focused on this bird in video mode, as well. But, I think it’s worth the 50 seconds to see such a lovely animal in her element.

It’s quite interesting how the bird flies back and forth across the pasture as she hunts – as if she is following a pre-planned grid pattern. The video is comprised of clips from a 2:10 minute video (to limit the dead space) but there’s one segment where I left in the bird-less material to show how she returns from the right hand side, after having traveled from left to right just a few seconds earlier.


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