Month: March 2023

The Authentic Appearance of Spring

When I think of signs of Spring, I typically imagine green grass, flowers, bunnies… you know, all that bright, cheery stuff. However, of the first day of Spring this year, I was reminded that beginning of Spring is very close to the end of… Continue Reading “The Authentic Appearance of Spring”

Grumpy Start to the Season

It’s Spring and that means that many wild birds that spent their winter somewhere warm and tropical, are headed back to spend the summer breeding season up north. The tracking of migrating birds is a big deal for ornithologist around the globe. Some species… Continue Reading “Grumpy Start to the Season”

Back for School

Chirp is a home-bred pup out of Kindred and Norma. He just turned a year old 3-19-23. When he was a puppy, I was able to do a little fun work with him before he went to his new owners, who took him home… Continue Reading “Back for School”

Don’t Be A Stick In The Mud – Or Do!

Around mid-February Robert and I took advantage of a sunny day with temps above freezing to do a bit of tree pruning. We didn’t get around to it last year, except for the fruit trees, so we drove around in the golf cart visiting… Continue Reading “Don’t Be A Stick In The Mud – Or Do!”

Farm Gone Wild

There’s an unfinished book in my “BOOKS & WRITING” folder on my computer. It is titled Farm Gone Wild. It’s the story of how, over the past 10+ years, I have watched and even encouraged Mother Nature to grace our acreage with her charms… Continue Reading “Farm Gone Wild”

Building A Better Bird House

About a decade ago we graciously accepted Mother Nature’s bit to assume control of our farm in rural Illinois.  After raising sheep for years, we retired from competitive herding trials with our Border Collies.  We sold the sheep and turned our efforts to training… Continue Reading “Building A Better Bird House”