Farm Gone Wild

There’s an unfinished book in my “BOOKS & WRITING” folder on my computer. It is titled Farm Gone Wild. It’s the story of how, over the past 10+ years, I have watched and even encouraged Mother Nature to grace our acreage with her charms and spells. I struggle finishing that book because I don’t yet know the ending. But, I know it will be a good one.

When Robert and I decided to build more of our Bluebird (and Tree Swallow) houses to prepare for this year’s tenants, a moment came when we both realized that we could, and in fact we should, offer our uniquely designed bird houses to others. It was a scary thought since our gifts to the world have always been the services we provide. We have never focused on a product. Fortunately, was designed just for folks like us; very small businesses that make unique products for niche markets.

We are happy to announce that our shop doors at are now open!

Please come and visit us!

We currently have three designs available; Hand painted FLORAL, Hand painted WOOD-LOOK, and WHITE. We plan to offer a forth color of medium brown, soon.

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