Month: April 2023

Not Impressed?

It was at quite a distance, so the images are not great, but I was privy to a Tree Swallow breeding. The nest box is nearby and I first saw the beginning of a nest about 5 days ago.I’m not sure if the female… Continue Reading “Not Impressed?”

Gotta Love Me a Robin’s Nest

This one has been built in a pear tree in our little orchard, in the same place as last year. I remember being a little kid as my mother reached up and held a hand mirror over a Robin’s nest that was built on… Continue Reading “Gotta Love Me a Robin’s Nest”


This lovely Eastern Bluebird pair has been stopping by to explore the nest box that is not far from my office window. I’m hopeful that they will make a final decision soon, so that I can have an intimate view of their progress from… Continue Reading “Hopeful”

The Eyes Have It

The EYES have it. Sixteen days old and our new litter of puppies have revealed the portal to their souls. Well, all but Falcon… (8th pic) He thought it was rude of us to interrupt his nap for a photo shoot. The development of… Continue Reading “The Eyes Have It”

It’s Not Just About the Birds

My last post presented a fairly long list of amazing birds that I was fortunate to film over the past couple of weeks. When going through the files of pictures to create that post, I realized that I had capture a number images of… Continue Reading “It’s Not Just About the Birds”

I’ll Take One Of Each

Over the past ten days, the variety of bird species that I’ve observed has increased fairly substantially. While I typically create posts in this blog that are about a specific species or event, I’ve decided to post a single photo of each of the… Continue Reading “I’ll Take One Of Each”

Nest Box Check Results!

Yesterday I had a stressful business day. When I got back to the house I was exhausted. But, the weather was lovely (almost hit 80 degrees F for the first time this year with full sun.) I knew that the weather was about to… Continue Reading “Nest Box Check Results!”

The Rusty Blackbird

I typically don’t create a post without a decent photo to illustrate the subject matter. However, this time I don’t have a photo. Still, I think it’s worth sharing this information. website states: “Rusty Blackbird is one of North America’s most rapidly declining… Continue Reading “The Rusty Blackbird”


Because I belong to several groups in social media for folks who enjoy “birding” I have come to recognize an interesting phenomenon. I’m not going to say that it’s a fact, since I only have my own experience to support my opinion. However, my… Continue Reading “Blackbird”

Building a Colony

Purple Martins are one of the few social species of birds that prefer to nest in very close proximity with others of their own kind. In contrast, for example, the Eastern Bluebirds are said to require at least 300 feet of distance between nesting… Continue Reading “Building a Colony”