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Side-car Riding Buddy

We took photos of the three week puppies yesterday. At this age, they are active but unsteady, so we often use “props” like small baskets in which or over which we can “suggest” the puppy remains while I try to snap a decent picture.… Continue Reading “Side-car Riding Buddy”

Sleeping like a dog

So, dang precious. Almost two weeks old, now, I catch the male puppy (August) sleeping on his back quite often. With just four in this litter, I am able to keep track of the differences between the pups even at this young age far… Continue Reading “Sleeping like a dog”


I know that many, if not most of my posts are about the world outside my home – the incredible wild creatures that live in our farm-gone-wild and remind me how important it is to embrace nature as often as possible. But, inside my… Continue Reading “Dogs”


Just because sometimes it’s important to connect with pure bliss…I share with you a few seconds of a one hour old puppy with it’s mama.

Bloganuary: What is your favorite quote and why?

I’m not a bragger.  I am actually a fairly humble being – I try to walk lightly and let my action speak louder than my words.  That’s true even though I am an author who puts much of my life’s experiences and lessons into… Continue Reading “Bloganuary: What is your favorite quote and why?”


In my recent post of the four week old puppies (SMILE!) I eluded to the fact that taking photos of baby puppies can be quite a challenge. I was not exaggerating when I wrote that I took 3,224 photos as we tried to capture… Continue Reading “Out-Takes”


Born on Christmas Morn These little dollops of perfection are just 4-12 hours old in these photos. You’re welcome.

Can We Hunt Buffalo Together?

Here is another unpublished chapter from the work in progress; “A Dog Trainer’s Guide to Human Happiness.” You may find the previous chapters interesting, as well: The Dog with Eighteen Elbows and To Write (about the US Military Veteran’s wife and training Service Dogs)… Continue Reading “Can We Hunt Buffalo Together?”


Ten days ago I thought my Border collie, Truman would be gone before his 12th birthday which was just a few days later.  On Thursday, he was acting normal – well, it was normal for an older guy with a few health issues.  On… Continue Reading “Buoyancy”

My happiness – dogs all about.

My cell phone died, so I had to get a new one. Here, I’m checking out the camera on my new phone using some of my favorite models. I do most of my photography with an SLR digital camera, but sometimes the only thing… Continue Reading “My happiness – dogs all about.”