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Bloganuary: What is your favorite quote and why?

I’m not a bragger.  I am actually a fairly humble being – I try to walk lightly and let my action speak louder than my words.  That’s true even though I am an author who puts much of my life’s experiences and lessons into… Continue Reading “Bloganuary: What is your favorite quote and why?”

Bloganuary: Common-Sense Girl

What is a superpower you’d love to have? My response to this Bloganuary topic came very easily. A year or so ago I actually was inspired to create such a character. Sadly, my motivation came from experiencing an overwhelming number of individuals lacking an… Continue Reading “Bloganuary: Common-Sense Girl”

Bloganuary – Favorite Childhood Toy

My second Bloganuary post answers the following question: What was your favorite toy as a child? Betsy was a baby doll. She was the size of a real baby and she was dressed in a blue, corduroy dress with a white scalloped collar. Her… Continue Reading “Bloganuary – Favorite Childhood Toy”

Bloganuary – Road Trip!

I’ve signed up to be inspired by a Blog Post topic in a new WordPress invention: The Bloganuary. When I first received the invitation to this inspiration I figured it just wasn’t a good time to join in the fun. I’m trying desperately to… Continue Reading “Bloganuary – Road Trip!”