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Carolina on My Mind

In my last post I mentioned how I strive to take photos of our “backyard” birds in their most natural setting. However, it’s been winter and the local birds that stick around have been taking advantage of the food we have provided at feeders.… Continue Reading “Carolina on My Mind”


We feed wild birds. The goal is to supplement their diet in winter when food is scarce. Additionally, there are times (like the very deep freeze we experienced only a couple of weeks ago) that the energy it might take to secure food exceeds… Continue Reading “Natural”


Technically, we have a few weeks before the official beginning of Spring. But, ever since I was a small child, seeing an American Robin was always the sign that Spring had arrived. Today March 3, 2021 I saw my first Robin. He flew to… Continue Reading “SPRING!”

All The Colors

Although it is often considered just another blackbird, the Common Grackle is far more brilliantly colored than one might first recognize. I suppose this bird is an illustration of the notion that black contains all the colors. This handsome bird landed in a tree… Continue Reading “All The Colors”

BEE-N A Long Winter

I’m not an entomologist, but I know an insect when I see one. In this case, I was certainly not expecting to see one. Yesterday, I wore glove, my standard two hats and four layers of clothing when I went out to film the… Continue Reading “BEE-N A Long Winter”


We were very fortunate two years ago when we put up a cheap, farm-store Purple Martin house and within days had a small colony forming. I think we had six pairs that fledged chicks that first year. The photos below are from last year… Continue Reading “PROTOTYPE”


The wild birds have been suffering through extreme cold. While they obviously need more calories as they expend to keep warm, they also need fresh water, and a lot of it. The more you eat the more you need to drink! This American Goldfinch… Continue Reading “I’VE GOT YOUR BACK”

Rear Window

In the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock movie, Rear Window, Jimmy Stewart plays a photojournalist who recently broke his leg. To alleviate his boredom while confined to a wheelchair, he takes up peering out of his back window at his neighbors. When we first built our… Continue Reading “Rear Window”

Baby It’s Cold Outside

While filming the wild birds on my patio, one species stuck out as the most demonstrative of the depth of the frigid temperatures. The Mourning Doves seem to present the image of “Hey! It’s damn cold out here!” better than any other of the… Continue Reading “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Sparrows Under Glass

It’s too cold. Too cold to let the dogs outside for more than a few minutes. Too cold to drive to town without preparing for a serious emergency. Too cold for birds. Oh, the birds. It’s so cold for those tiny little creatures that,… Continue Reading “Sparrows Under Glass”