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Girl Power

In some species of birds, the male and female are nearly indistinguishable. Only through behavioral difference can you tell them apart. But in many species, the male and the female look different – a little or a lot. When that occurs, much of the… Continue Reading “Girl Power”

A Promise

Today, all around our farm, I see the promise of a future for many of the lovely wild birds that reside here year ’round, or which will travel through during migration. Wild raspberries are in bloom. These native bushes form large brambles in the… Continue Reading “A Promise”

It Takes Two

I have a love-hate relationship with House Wrens. On the good hand, they are easy to photography as they allow me to get fairly close to their nest boxes. On the other hand, they have a habit of taking over multiple boxes in their… Continue Reading “It Takes Two”

Show Me Your Good Side

This is an Eastern Kingbird. It’s a flycatcher species. Quite often I encounter them perched on a fence wire where they initiate their hunt by spotting an insect to nab for lunch. Once in the cross hairs, the bird drops to the ground to… Continue Reading “Show Me Your Good Side”

Orioles – and not the sports team!

We had a crazy Spring. I say “had” because in a matter of a day, the cold, drab, barely-pushing-seventy degree weather is now over ninety degrees! I feel a bit cheated by the wet weather because I didn’t get out much to observe the… Continue Reading “Orioles – and not the sports team!”

Another WTF Moment

This nest box is located at the far northwest corner of our property. A Bluebird couple has been incubating and now is feeding chicks. I haven’t spent much time observing this pair because the box opening faces East. I typically can’t get out and… Continue Reading “Another WTF Moment”

Royally Purple

When I look at photos of our Purple Martins, I get the sense that these are very “upper crust” creatures. They project an impression of aristocracy about them. That concept got me wondering about why purple is considered the color of royalty. I found… Continue Reading “Royally Purple”



Red-winged Blackbirds abound around our pond. They are described as residing in most of the lower 48 states year round. However, I rarely see them here in winter. In autumn I often see them flocking in large numbers, sometimes including Brown-headed cowbirds and other… Continue Reading “Blackbird”

Sing it!

When I moved down to south-central Illinois from southern Wisconsin, I came to realize there were many bird species here that I had never seen up north. One such bird is the Brown Thrasher. I had never even heard of it. Looking at its… Continue Reading “Sing it!”