Category: Nature

Not Exactly Perfect

For the past couple of weeks, just around 2:00 PM, I see it. At first, it’s just a glint of white moving quickly across the pasture that stands behind my yard and the pond meadow – a good 700 feet from where I sit… Continue Reading “Not Exactly Perfect”

Little Acrobats

I encountered a small group of Carolina Chickadees that were busy taking advantage of last Autumn’s spoils. Their capacity to hang up-side-down to extract the seeds from the spent weeds (aka wildflowers), made me smile. Here are photos of a couple of other birds… Continue Reading “Little Acrobats”

Rustic Winter Images

Late afternoon clouds obscure the low hanging sun yet, still there are moments to capture which present the solitude and tranquility around me. First photo shows a Dark-eyed Junco perched on an old barbed-wire fence, a rusty post and a single holdout stalk of… Continue Reading “Rustic Winter Images”

2022 Merry Merry

When Goldfinches Dress Up As Elves

Blue Jay Contest

What do you do when it’s minus two degrees (wind chill -23) and you can’t go outside and play? You make cartoons! Enjoy!

Workin’ for it

Apparently, the Blue Jays in the north Pond Meadow this winter have accepted my presence, more so at least than in previous years. Last year I ached for one to land on the feeder so that I could film it. But, this year it… Continue Reading “Workin’ for it”

So That Just Happened

When Robert and I moved to our current property, we didn’t realize that life circumstances would soon throw a wrench into our plans. It meant that our tiny, 800 square feet house would also become the home-base for three different businesses, two of which… Continue Reading “So That Just Happened”

Winter Sparrows

Yesterday the sun came out – finally! with camera in tow, I bundled up to see what was happening around the property. The first bird I encountered was a Swamp Sparrow that I saw only briefly as I entered the pond area. It flitted… Continue Reading “Winter Sparrows”

Merry Winter

On the cusp of official “winter” I am sharing this wreath adorned with some of the wild birds that visited our feeder in the depths of cold winter, February 2020. Starting from top left corner and going clockwise: Carolina Wren, White-crowned Sparrow, Hoary Redpoll… Continue Reading “Merry Winter”

Blue Jay

Blue Jays are fairly large birds, at least compared to many of the other song birds that are wintering over here. They are obvious in their color and their calls which can be quite loud and varied. However, I consider these curious and clever… Continue Reading “Blue Jay”