Category: Wild Birds

Making A Home

The House Wrens arrived last week. I could tell by their melodious song. Last year a pair made a home in a box near the Alleyway, which is centrally located on the property. This year, they are smitten with a new box we put… Continue Reading “Making A Home”

A what?

This is a Dickcissel. It’s a very colorful, small bird that migrates into my area to breed in summer. They are known to make their living in alfalfa or clover fields. I suppose any grass pasture will do, since we have many of these… Continue Reading “A what?”

The colors of a Sunset

The Barn Swallows have returned and are busy making their mud-based nests under the eaves of my office patio, as well as above the door of Robert’s shop. These are the same locations the birds have used in previous years. I’m excited to keep… Continue Reading “The colors of a Sunset”

Welcome Back, King!

I’ve been waiting to see the first Kingbird of the season. I love, love, love these birds. On Saturday, I saw my first. It was in our front yard perched on the top of our mini-van luggage rack, of all places! I didn’t get… Continue Reading “Welcome Back, King!”

Nest Box Status

After several days of rain and dreary weather, I was able to get out in the brilliant sun on April 30 and May 1. May 1 was my birthday, so it was especially nice to experience the tranquillity and vibrancy of Spring. I can’t… Continue Reading “Nest Box Status”

It’s A Coot

A couple of days ago, around sunset, in a light rain with overcast skies, I traveled by the pond. I didn’t have a camera, and I was just trying to get out of the house for a few minutes before dark after an exacerbating… Continue Reading “It’s A Coot”

Mama and Papa

This is exciting! The Bluebird pair in Box #15 on the East property line are feeding chicks. Here are a few photos as well as a couple of videos at the bottom. This daddy takes his job very seriously. He remains in constant contact… Continue Reading “Mama and Papa”

Frequent Visitors

From my office doors I can view the north end our of pond meadow. I sometimes witness the Great Blue Heron or the Blue-winged Teal coming and going. Recently, I’ve observed a pair of Canada Geese that fly in from a location northwest of… Continue Reading “Frequent Visitors”

Darling Discovery

I’m not going to lie. I feel a bit silly, perhaps even dumb to share this story of discovery. But, the outcome is more worth sharing than the embarrassment I felt when I realized what I was observing. First, I had just spent 45… Continue Reading “Darling Discovery”

Woodpecker Housekeeping

Today, I checked in on the Red-headed woodpecker I had observed (and FILMED) last week. So, I have learned a little about Woodpecker housekeeping. It exists. And, it’s appears to be a grab and toss strategy. I suppose if you watch this video on… Continue Reading “Woodpecker Housekeeping”