Category: Wild Birds

Wren Yoga?

We have several House Wrens in houses around the property. I was about 80 feet from one of the boxes where I know a couple to be nesting, waiting for a Red-winged Blackbird to arrive back to her ground nest (as she’s feeding chicks… Continue Reading “Wren Yoga?”

Disabled but Determined

Back at the end of April, I published a post about a lovey Bluebird couple that was considering a nest box that sits outside my office, which is in the back of our home. Here’s that post HOPEFUL. The pair didn’t select that location… Continue Reading “Disabled but Determined”

Work it! Vogue!

The Eastern Kingbird is one of just a few species that (from my odd human perspective), sometimes behaves around me with what can seem like deliberate intention. Of course, I don’t really believe that (except when I do.) Still.. let’s face it, the bird… Continue Reading “Work it! Vogue!”

Nest Box Status – May

It was about a month ago since I posted about the status of the birds that use our nest boxes NEST BOX CHECK. Many things have transpired since then. Here’s what’s going on: Box A2 (Northwest corner of property) This Bluebird couple just fledged… Continue Reading “Nest Box Status – May”

Expressions of a Brown Thrasher

It is said that, even though the Brown Thrasher is a serious defender of its nest, the name comes from the sound it makes when digging through ground debris. My favorite aspect of this species is the amazing vocalizations this bird presents. This handsome… Continue Reading “Expressions of a Brown Thrasher”

Take Me, Instead!

About a week ago, I came upon a Killdeer nest (four eggs sitting in a depression in the gravel driveway.) I chronicled it here: Perilous Parenting. Hoping to see this couple successfully fledge their chicks before a disaster strikes, I looked up the incubation… Continue Reading “Take Me, Instead!”

A Bounty of Bobolinks

Up until about five days ago, I had only seen three, individual Bobolinks – over the period of three years. My only photo of this species was a sketchy picture in which the bird was obscured by the leaves of a tree. But that… Continue Reading “A Bounty of Bobolinks”

Staying Young

I don’t know if it’s merely a result of the times or that I am just getting old. But, I can’t keep up with all the slang words that are routinely toss around. Is “sick” good, really? One word that took me a while… Continue Reading “Staying Young”

Bath Time!

I came upon this Savannah Sparrow seeming quite content to enjoy a nice bath. The Savannah Sparrow species only migrates through our area, so I feel lucky to have captured this precious moment.

More Seasonal Arrivals

A couple weeks ago I posted images of some of the early arrivals; birds that will spend their summer here: More recently I have spotted additional species that I’ve been waiting to see. The first Flycatcher species I saw, an Eastern Phoebe, was perched… Continue Reading “More Seasonal Arrivals”