Category: Wild Birds

Apple Tree Trail Cam

A couple of days ago I posted photos that I took of a juvenile Red-breasted Grosbeak that was snacking on an apple I hung in a tree. Here are some Trail Cam video recordings of that bird, as well as other visitors to the… Continue Reading “Apple Tree Trail Cam”

Got It!

A few days ago I posted some pictures of partially eaten apples in the corridor area of the farm. We harvested most of the fruit a while back, but we left the apples that Robert couldn’t reach. I knew they would not go to… Continue Reading “Got It!”

The Tale of Two Flycatchers

A couple of days ago I encountered an unknown flycatcher on a fence between Sham’s Paddock and Jaye’s Pasture – which is about centrally located on our property, and surrounded by recently cut pastures. It was obvious the bird was a flycatcher first, by… Continue Reading “The Tale of Two Flycatchers”

A Moment In Time

Every once in a while I get lucky and the shutter opens at just the right time. These are Northern Mockingbirds.

Gray and Red

I heard the bird before I saw it. Years ago, I used to force my husband to go into the wooded area across the street from our old house when it heard the sound, begging, “please, find that kitten. It sounds like it’s stuck… Continue Reading “Gray and Red”

Birds and Berries

My budding hobby of birding has lead to a number of other avenues of learning about the natural world around me. As I shared in an earlier post or two, we have left our property to “go natural” except for the large fields that… Continue Reading “Birds and Berries”

Red Tailed Hawk

I stepped out onto my office patio and saw this Red-tailed Hawk circling over the backyard. Nice.


The crows are assembling, cawing to each other, flying in groups across the autumn skies. If I didn’t absolutely love crows, I think I might find their presence a bit ominous. Their behavior is a sure sign of the impending change in seasons which… Continue Reading “Vulture”

Taunt Me No More

When I first discovered that there was a pair of Blue Grosbeaks on our property, it was the female that showed up first. She was on the ground at the end of the corridor, quite a distance away. But her warm, cinnamon color and… Continue Reading “Taunt Me No More”

Flycatcher – Flycatcher

After some rainy weather, work commitments and fruitless rides around the property, I actually had a nice day yesterday and saw birds I had been hoping to see, didn’t think I would see and which made me wonder what I had seen. At the… Continue Reading “Flycatcher – Flycatcher”