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Apple Tree Trail Cam

A couple of days ago I posted photos that I took of a juvenile Red-breasted Grosbeak that was snacking on an apple I hung in a tree. Here are some Trail Cam video recordings of that bird, as well as other visitors to the… Continue Reading “Apple Tree Trail Cam”

Red Tailed Hawk

I stepped out onto my office patio and saw this Red-tailed Hawk circling over the backyard. Nice.


Once again, I have been assisted by the IL birders to identify this bird that I saw fly into a tree at the south end of the pond. It was late, I was facing west into the very low sun, so mostly it was… Continue Reading “GREEN HERON”

Imprint Process Failure?

While I was sitting near the stand of grass where the Indigo Buntings frequent – trying to get some good shots – I heard this tiny chirp. Then, another and another until I was able to locate the source. It was an itty bitty… Continue Reading “Imprint Process Failure?”

The Jelly Jar

When I discovered that we had Orchard Orioles on the property, I decided to makes their lives a bit more juicy by offering sliced oranges in several locations where I had seen them. We encountered the male in the now-overgrown former herding arena and… Continue Reading “The Jelly Jar”