Category: Wild Birds

Bird’s Eye View

This handsome Eastern Bluebird assumed a look out position at the very top of a retired utility pole near our old barn. I suppose he wanted a Bird’s-Eye-View.

Autumn Images

Allow me to turn the captions of the following photos into prose… Seed pods open, releasing future generations of precious milkweed While trees announce the season with their stunning autumn attire Twisted grasses offer sustenance to migrating birds As a Red-shouldered hawk balances on… Continue Reading “Autumn Images”

A Warbler, a Flycatcher and a Bluebird…

You know the old joke…. A warbler, a flycatcher and a bluebird go into a bar…… OK. So, you don’t know that joke. But, the other day, as the sun was setting, I experienced something peculiar that reminded me of that joke by way… Continue Reading “A Warbler, a Flycatcher and a Bluebird…”

Still hanging out

While I don’t usually do it as a routine, sometimes I go to where I fill in a checklist of birds I’ve observed on a specific date. That organization uses the data from hobby birders when evaluating the populations of birds around the… Continue Reading “Still hanging out”

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

There’s a Mother Goose nursery rhyme that starts with the words: Sing a song of sixpence, A pocket full of rye, Four and twenty blackbirds Baked in a pie. A few weeks ago, I realized that our resident Red-wing blackbirds had all “flown the… Continue Reading “Four and Twenty Blackbirds”

Locust Tree Pods

When I was a child, we had a Locust Tree in the backyard. The tree reminded me of Africa because of the wide, horizontal growth pattern of its branches like one might see in an image of the Africa plains. However, I now know… Continue Reading “Locust Tree Pods”

An Apple A Day

As we did last year, we hung some juicy apples in a barren apple tree that sits at the corner of the corridor (a 200 foot long lane between two sections of new growth scrub and mature trees) and the alley (which is a… Continue Reading “An Apple A Day”

Carolina On My Mind

This Carolina Wren popped out of the underbrush of a fallen tree just as I moved into the area. It only gave me a few second to capture its image before it flitted away. Unlike the House Wrens which only spend their summers here,… Continue Reading “Carolina On My Mind”

Hey! Look at Me!

Have you ever felt as if a bird was asking to be noticed? I’ve experienced it a few times. Most notably, I recall an Eastern Kingbird modeling for me near our pond last year. Curiously, as I sat there before its arrival, I had… Continue Reading “Hey! Look at Me!”

The Blue Grosbeak

This summer I missed seeing a few species of birds that I had observed in previous years. The melodious Northern Mockingbirds were missing as were the lovely Goldfinches. I’m happy to have filmed a juvenile Mockingbird in late August and I’ve heard Goldfinches many… Continue Reading “The Blue Grosbeak”