Category: Wild Birds

It’s Hot!

This little House Wren was panting quite a bit when I encountered him in the late afternoon. At first I thought it was a recent hatchling and he was open-jawed awaiting a feeding from his parent. Then I captured him singing. I’m pretty sure… Continue Reading “It’s Hot!”

The Next Generation

Nature is amazing. An example is the Ruby-throated hummingbird. As referenced HERE, this tiny bird weighs just 3-4 grams. In comparison, a US nickel weighs about 5 grams. Twice a year they make an incredible journey – first to winter over in Central America… Continue Reading “The Next Generation”


It wasn’t my plan to film hummingbirds this afternoon. On the agenda was transplanting several bushes and a Mulberry tree that I acquired as dry-root cuttings back in early Spring. When they arrived we weren’t ready to put them into the ground (it was… Continue Reading “Hummers!”

Hummingbird Carousel

Due to some work constraints and the fact that my golf cart is out of commission for the moment – which means I have not been able to get out and about to visit with the wild birds on our property – I’ve not… Continue Reading “Hummingbird Carousel”

Plenty of Hummers

Earlier this Spring/ Summer I was worried. Just like the Bluebirds, the Hummingbirds were very late in arriving. Even then, there were only a couple of individual birds coming to our feeders. I was afraid that the Deep Freeze in February had a seriously… Continue Reading “Plenty of Hummers”


The Eastern Wood-PeWee is one of many flycatchers that make a living in our part of the country. I have a great fondness for flycatchers because they tend to remain still for a bit which makes it easier for an amateur photographer to get… Continue Reading “Wood-PeWee”

A Grub Is Great Grub

Grub: 1. the thick-bodied, sluggish larva of several insects, as of a scarab beetle. 2. Slang. food; victuals. Homonym: a word pronounced the same as another, but different in meaning. So, grub is a homonym. It can mean a thick-bodied larva (which many of… Continue Reading “A Grub Is Great Grub”

Ready To Bust Out!

It rained and rained, yesterday. But, just as all hope was lost to see it, the sun popped out of the clouds in a late afternoon sky. It didn’t last long before the new storm clouds obscured the light. But, before that occurred, I… Continue Reading “Ready To Bust Out!”

Cat Bird

For the first five years that we lived at his property (beginning in 2001), at least a dozen times I must have sent my husband out into the woods across the street to find “the abandoned kitten!” the “lost kitten,” and the “cat stuck… Continue Reading “Cat Bird”


A flash of blue, and it’s gone. The Indigo Bunting is a little bird that moves about quite quickly. They do come to feeders, but I’ve chosen to not put out seed this summer – first because I think we provide ample native seed… Continue Reading “INDIGO”