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An Apple a Day

There’s a apple tree out by the old barn that bears quite a bit of fruit. When they are ripe, I often pluck one off the tree as I am traveling around looking for birds and other wildlife. Last year I noticed that some… Continue Reading “An Apple a Day”

Hen of the Woods

We have a great neighbor, Greg. He maintains an incredible garden and generously shares his overflow of juicy and delicious vegetables throughout the summer. Today, he showed up on his ATV (we neighbors live a half mile or farther away from each other) with… Continue Reading “Hen of the Woods”

Here’s Stubby

Except for the dozen or so Ruby-throated hummingbirds that are consuming about 6 cups of nectar every day as they attempt to put on sufficient weight for their outrageously long migration coming up, it’s been very quiet here regarding bird activity. I saw a… Continue Reading “Here’s Stubby”

Plenty of Hummers

Earlier this Spring/ Summer I was worried. Just like the Bluebirds, the Hummingbirds were very late in arriving. Even then, there were only a couple of individual birds coming to our feeders. I was afraid that the Deep Freeze in February had a seriously… Continue Reading “Plenty of Hummers”

A plethora of Pollinators

Get a load of all the insects taking advantage of the nectar that this single Milkweed blossom is offering up. I suppose it’s common knowledge that flowers provide nectar in order to attract pollinators to arrive, imbibe, and drive to another bloom. There, the… Continue Reading “A plethora of Pollinators”

Independence Day

I am so utterly grateful to have been born in this wondrous republic. It is a privileged that should never be taken for granted. As a citizen of this incredible country, we are afforded boundless opportunities to strive to achieve our highest purpose or… Continue Reading “Independence Day”

The Year Of The Bunny

I’ve never seen as many cotton tail rabbits than I have this year. They are everywhere. They come in all sizes from itty-bitty ones that would fit in the palm of my hand, to adults. Regardless of size, they are all adorable. Here are… Continue Reading “The Year Of The Bunny”

The Duck Box

Our Duck Box, located on the east side of the pond, has been a happening place. We initially put it up to entice Wood Ducks and/or Kestrels or small Owls to make a home and raise a brood. Through the use of a Trail… Continue Reading “The Duck Box”


Yesterday I saw three ducks on our pond. Before I could get close enough to get a good photo, they flew off. However, I was able to snap some images from afar before they took flight. Although my distance vision isn’t very good, I… Continue Reading “Wow.”

Great Crested Flycatcher

Late last autumn, Robert and I put up a duck box near our pond. Personally, I didn’t really care if actual Wood Ducks used the box. I worry for their chicks when they leave the nest, since we have snapping turtles in the pond.… Continue Reading “Great Crested Flycatcher”