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Second Brood Update

I can’t say for certain that the eggs I have spotted recently are a second brood for a specific pair of birds. But, it’s likely. All of the birds I had observed in our nest boxes fledged their chicks (or experienced a fatal blow… Continue Reading “Second Brood Update”

Three Little Birds?

It was very close to sunset. I suspect it may have actually been several minutes after the sun dropped below the horizon. I was on my way back home when, about 200 feet directly ahead of me, I spotted three little birds on a… Continue Reading “Three Little Birds?”

The Morning After a Storm

In mid-June we experienced what was as close to a tornado without being one since we moved here twenty-one years ago. Many trees that were toppled by the sheer winds, including one of our four Ponderosa pines. It wasn’t just the trees that were… Continue Reading “The Morning After a Storm”

The Special Acre

When Robert and I first visited the property on which we have now lived for over twenty years, we were standing in the driveway with the realtor who gestured to the land across the street. “That acre over there also belongs to this property,”… Continue Reading “The Special Acre”

Catching Up

It’s been a minute – well, actually over two weeks that I’ve been able to post. We were super busy holding the Handler’s Instruction class for three clients who received their Service Dogs that we trained for them. I love my job, but life… Continue Reading “Catching Up”

Patio Tranquillity

The first DIY project we did when we moved into our new house (2017), we turned a 400 gallon poly tub (livestock water trough) into a patio pond. The aquatic plants help to keep the water clean for the fishes, that actually produce waste… Continue Reading “Patio Tranquillity”

“Cool” News

On June 5, 2022 I received the following note: The record of one Hoary Redpoll on 6 January 2022 in Brownstown, Fayette County,  for which you provided documentation,  was recently accepted as valid by the Illinois Ornithological Records Committee (IORC).Your documentation will be housed… Continue Reading ““Cool” News”

A Few Fun Shots

I feel lucky to have captured a Gray Catbird harvesting twigs for a nest. Here are a few images of the melodious Dickcissel. This species spends an amazing amount of times at the top of trees singing a raspy song. Here’s a Brown Thrasher… Continue Reading “A Few Fun Shots”

The Future of Housing

Back in April (I can’t believe it has been that long) I posted about the PVC pipe Bluebird boxes I designed and Robert and I created. The concept of using 4″ PVC isn’t new to the Bluebird nest box scene, but the ones that… Continue Reading “The Future of Housing”

A moment in thought…or not

I snapped this shot of a female Red-winged blackbird at our pond. I assume she was building a nest, but one never really knows.