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Little better is better than nothing

There are a handful of birds that I’ve filmed on our property – but the pictures are just not very good. Some are just good enough that I feel confident in the ID of the species. Needless to say; I really want to get… Continue Reading “Little better is better than nothing”

Gag Alert!!!

Blue Jays like peanuts. I observe them at the feeder where they select one (sometimes with quite a bit of deliberation), before flying off with their treasure. If they stick around the area, I sometimes see them holding the peanut in their claw against… Continue Reading “Gag Alert!!!”

Birdie Birdie

I was fortunate to have observed a handful of the usual suspects, some of which are not all that easy to capture due to their quick in-and-out behavior around the feeder. This is a Tufted Titmouse. They are super cute, small and flit in,… Continue Reading “Birdie Birdie”

Karma Currency

Today, I began to feel as if I had wasted my time talking with a possible client for over 90 minutes when she ultimately proclaimed that she didn’t have the funds to attend our program.  It had not been easy negotiating the conversation with… Continue Reading “Karma Currency”

Species #114

I spotted this bird perched in the branches of a small tree near the platform feeder out in the north pond meadow. There were a couple of House Finches hanging out near the feeder, and I had to assume this bird was eyeing them.… Continue Reading “Species #114”

Catching UP

After what had been a lovely early autumn, the weather turned, skies became gray and brought with them cold winds. “Real” work consumed my time and I realized that I hadn’t been out and about – hoping to film the beauty around our farm… Continue Reading “Catching UP”

Mitigating Self-harm Behavior with a Service Dog

A common request that we receive from clients who hope a Service Dog will help mitigate a psychiatric disability is to interrupt the handler’s behavior.  That could be actions associated with a panic attack, a spiraling PTSD episode, a self-harming behavior or many other… Continue Reading “Mitigating Self-harm Behavior with a Service Dog”

Sparrow, sparrow, sparrow, sparrow

During a ninety minute visit around the property, I observed four different sparrow species and my Merlin bird ID app identified the vocalizations of two additional sparrows, for a grand total of six sparrow in under two hours! Here are some of those cuties!… Continue Reading “Sparrow, sparrow, sparrow, sparrow”

A Warbler, a Flycatcher and a Bluebird…

You know the old joke…. A warbler, a flycatcher and a bluebird go into a bar…… OK. So, you don’t know that joke. But, the other day, as the sun was setting, I experienced something peculiar that reminded me of that joke by way… Continue Reading “A Warbler, a Flycatcher and a Bluebird…”

Second Brood Update

I can’t say for certain that the eggs I have spotted recently are a second brood for a specific pair of birds. But, it’s likely. All of the birds I had observed in our nest boxes fledged their chicks (or experienced a fatal blow… Continue Reading “Second Brood Update”