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The Future of Housing

Back in April (I can’t believe it has been that long) I posted about the PVC pipe Bluebird boxes I designed and Robert and I created. The concept of using 4″ PVC isn’t new to the Bluebird nest box scene, but the ones that… Continue Reading “The Future of Housing”

A moment in thought…or not

I snapped this shot of a female Red-winged blackbird at our pond. I assume she was building a nest, but one never really knows.


Yesterday was my birthday. Robert and I spent the afternoon putting up some new bird boxes and generally having a nice time (wine was included.) Of course, if I saw something worthy of filming, I pointed my camera. I filmed some of the birds… Continue Reading “Foxy”


There is no morality in Nature. No Right. No Wrong. It is, as Darwin discovered and penned for the world to ponder, “survival of the fittest.” So, while my heart feels a bit heavy to share this, it is what it is. The Bluebirds… Continue Reading “Competition”

Marital Bliss?

Observing wild birds, especially during the breeding season, reminds me how closely related we are to other species. At the beginning of the breeding season, Tree Swallow pairs must find a suitable nesting site. It can be a “natural” cavity, or one that was… Continue Reading “Marital Bliss?”

Little Cuties – Grebes

On a cold and dreary day last week, I saw this pair of Pied-billed Grebes negotiating fairly substantial swells on our farm pond. I think these birds are super cute. They swim very low in the water, are small and often hang out around… Continue Reading “Little Cuties – Grebes”

Spring Happiness!

Yesterday, I checked the nest boxes. From a look-see a week ago, I knew that we had two boxes with a couple bluebird eggs each, so I couldn’t wait to see the progress. BOX # 21 (southwest end of property) Last year, this box… Continue Reading “Spring Happiness!”


I know that many, if not most of my posts are about the world outside my home – the incredible wild creatures that live in our farm-gone-wild and remind me how important it is to embrace nature as often as possible. But, inside my… Continue Reading “Dogs”

Here Comes The Sun!

Over the past week we had unseasonably high temperatures – tipping over the 50 degrees F mark. Then, temps began to fall and rain arrived that turned to ice. The temps plummeted further and we experienced over a day of constant snowfall, accompanied by… Continue Reading “Here Comes The Sun!”

Bloganuary: What is a life lesson you feel everyone can benefit from learning?

It’s interesting to have this subject pop into my Inbox today because I had a conversation with my husband the other night that encompasses this Bloganuary topic, quite well. Robert and I were discussing the crazy events that are happening in our society today. … Continue Reading “Bloganuary: What is a life lesson you feel everyone can benefit from learning?”