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The Year Of The Bunny

I’ve never seen as many cotton tail rabbits than I have this year. They are everywhere. They come in all sizes from itty-bitty ones that would fit in the palm of my hand, to adults. Regardless of size, they are all adorable. Here are… Continue Reading “The Year Of The Bunny”

The Duck Box

Our Duck Box, located on the east side of the pond, has been a happening place. We initially put it up to entice Wood Ducks and/or Kestrels or small Owls to make a home and raise a brood. Through the use of a Trail… Continue Reading “The Duck Box”


Yesterday I saw three ducks on our pond. Before I could get close enough to get a good photo, they flew off. However, I was able to snap some images from afar before they took flight. Although my distance vision isn’t very good, I… Continue Reading “Wow.”

Great Crested Flycatcher

Late last autumn, Robert and I put up a duck box near our pond. Personally, I didn’t really care if actual Wood Ducks used the box. I worry for their chicks when they leave the nest, since we have snapping turtles in the pond.… Continue Reading “Great Crested Flycatcher”

We Hungry, Mama

The Tree Swallows that have been using Box #14 on the East side of our property have made a lot of progress since I was last out to observe. Their chicks (two that I can see, but there could be more) are able to… Continue Reading “We Hungry, Mama”


Back on May 8, 2021, Robert was driving the tractor past our pond and he saw a couple of large white birds. Unfortunately, he only had a cell phone camera with him. But, he shot these two photos, then came to ask me what… Continue Reading “Confirmed?”


I’m still waiting for a few of my favorite birds to arrive, like the Eastern Kingbirds, the Indigo Bunting and the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks. But, this past few days I’ve noticed a couple of other returnees. This is the Brown Thrasher. Yes, what a horrible… Continue Reading “Returnees”


Before I started traveling about our property in search of the wildlife that makes a living or simply drops by for a visit here, I really didn’t know about the variety of bird species that use the resources we have on our acreage. In… Continue Reading “A DOZEN SPARROWS”

The Swallows

I have a deep dread in my soul that the extensive hard freeze we had in February may have been the demise of all the Eastern Bluebirds in our area. People from birds groups in Central and Southern Illinois have posted reports and photos… Continue Reading “The Swallows”

Can’t Win ‘Em All

The tongue-beak dexterity of this female Northern Cardinal is quite impressive. Birds that crack open seeds and nuts have a very well developed tongue. I know this from having parrots as pets. A parrot’s tongue is a powerful muscle. It feels more like a… Continue Reading “Can’t Win ‘Em All”