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May I Have A Different table?

The continuing saga of my attempt to capture images of the Red-tailed Hawks and the American Crows via our Butterball Turkey lure are most recently chronicled HERE. After a day of rain and temperatures in the 50’s yesterday, today it has plummeted to 20… Continue Reading “May I Have A Different table?”


A Christmas wish to you from my husband and me.

Size Matters

Yesterday before noon there was mostly sun, with intermittent clouds. The trail cam that was set up by the “Butterball Diner” turkey lure had been running during the night and that morning, so Robert retrieved the SD card and I began the review (more… Continue Reading “Size Matters”

Two Is Better Than One

This post is part of a continuing saga of the Butterball Road Kill (aka Turkey Lure) which is my attempt to capture good quality images of American Crows and the local Hawks in my area. It took a couple of days, but we did… Continue Reading “Two Is Better Than One”

Fruit, Nuts and Worms

I have become increasingly smitten with the White-crowned Sparrows that seem to be sticking around for the winter. They are outrageously photogenic – which for me means they sit still while I get the shot in focus! Their feathers of many colors also result… Continue Reading “Fruit, Nuts and Worms”

Finch Photo-Bomb!

I adore the Northern Cardinals that live in almost all corners of our property. They have a little, happy chirping sound to announce their arrival into an area, and of course the males’ brilliant red coloring is a sight to behold. Even though I… Continue Reading “Finch Photo-Bomb!”

Red – The Color To Welcome The Holidays

The Northern Cardinal remains here all year long. We are so fortunate to have the splash of vivid red through the dreary days of winter. The falling of the Fall foliage now permits us to see the bird in all his glory. Cardinals announce… Continue Reading “Red – The Color To Welcome The Holidays”


Who doesn’t adore the lovely American Goldfinch. These beauties were drawn into the new feeder station we put up in the Pond Meadow. They spent time in the now barren trees around the feeder. It allowed me to capture them in their natural state… Continue Reading “Golden”

Gold Is Always In Season

Yesterday I gingerly opened my office door to the patio. There were birds on the feeders, and I hoped to catch them. Alas, they flew off. I knew the routine. They would come back if I was patient and remained still. It worked. A… Continue Reading “Gold Is Always In Season”

Puppy Chow

We wean our puppies on a commercial dry dog food, because some folks prefer that. But, we also introduce them to raw meat, which is how we feed our personal dogs. Here are a few videos of our current litter of 6 week old… Continue Reading “Puppy Chow”