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Who Dat?

In the last couple of days, I took photos of a few birds that I couldn’t identify. That’s not true of the header photo. That’s a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak that arrived at the apple tree in the corridor. The birds have now taken advantage… Continue Reading “Who Dat?”

Apple Tree Trail Cam

A couple of days ago I posted photos that I took of a juvenile Red-breasted Grosbeak that was snacking on an apple I hung in a tree. Here are some Trail Cam video recordings of that bird, as well as other visitors to the… Continue Reading “Apple Tree Trail Cam”

So, That Happened…

I clicked on the video camera to capture a bird song I was hearing, and…yeah, a huge flock of birds decided to fly across the field. I’m not mad.

Red Tailed Hawk

I stepped out onto my office patio and saw this Red-tailed Hawk circling over the backyard. Nice.

Flit – Flit

Let’s just put it out there for the record. I’m about as amateur photographer as they come. I did acquire a new camera this year because my last camera was malfunctioning. It came with an “upgrade” from a 200 mm to a 300 mm… Continue Reading “Flit – Flit”

Singing Like a…Sparrow!

The Song sparrows that began singing in my backyard in early Spring had a very simple melody. I called it “four notes and a trill,” for lack of a better term. I’m sure that the ornithologists have more specific and standardized names for various… Continue Reading “Singing Like a…Sparrow!”

Pretty Wild

Nature is incredible. It’s inspiring. it’s constantly changing, yet offers rock-solid predictability at times. There is no other place that rejuvenates my soul than to exist among the trees and grasses, clouds and wild flowers in my world. While it can be ferociously cold,… Continue Reading “Pretty Wild”

Too Cute!

As I drive out to the pastures on my ride-arounds, as I call them, I am cautious as I enter a new area. Often, my presence scares off a few birds that are doing what birds do. But if I stop and settle, they… Continue Reading “Too Cute!”

Singing Field Sparrow

I used to have this notion that sparrows were just ordinary birds and they were, well I’m going to be honest, sort of second-class bird citizens. That was when I wasn’t very educated nor very respectful of all the various species that exist in… Continue Reading “Singing Field Sparrow”

Composition vs Content

If you have read my recent ramblings about the competition between House Wrens and Bluebirds, you might believe that the little brown wren has fallen quite out of my favor. I will admit that witnessing their aggressive nature towards innocent baby chicks has seriously… Continue Reading “Composition vs Content”