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I have begun the process of habitualizing (don’t know if that’s a word) a few different birds around the property to my presence. It’s fairly easy as I’m sitting in the golf cart, since moving farm machinery is not uncommon in a rural area.… Continue Reading “Mockingbird”

Fly-BY Parents

A few days ago I stumbled upon a splendid sight. Several broods of newly fledged Barn Swallows were lined up on a fence as they waited for their parents to fly in and feed them on the wing. I wasn’t able to get very… Continue Reading “Fly-BY Parents”

A Saturday Evening Drive

We took a drive in the golf cart around the farm last evening. The hay was recently cut which makes traveling about much easier. The sun was low, as it was well past 6:00 PM, but I took my camera just in case we… Continue Reading “A Saturday Evening Drive”

Bluebird Babies

On May 30, 2020 the Eastern Bluebird pair that was occupying the white nest box on the south side of my office patio completed the mission of fledging their chicks. I had been filming them since they were apartment shopping for just the right… Continue Reading “Bluebird Babies”

Turf wars

A friend saw photos I posted of a Bluebird pair that is nesting in a box we put up in the back yard and she said, “I’ve had a Bluebird box in my yard for years, but all we ever get are House Sparrows.”… Continue Reading “Turf wars”

Holy Crap!

I could title this short video as “Holy S*it,” “Great Mother,” “Tidy House,” or “Nose to Tail.” Regardless of how you see it, this is something you won’t be able to “un-see.”

Bluebirds – New Couple?

For nearly two weeks, the Bluebird pair has been working diligently on selecting and building a nest in the white birch nest box on the south fence. You can see more on this activity here. Curiously, when I was filming the Purple Martins on… Continue Reading “Bluebirds – New Couple?”

More Bluebird Magic

The sun finally came out and I was able to shoot some images of our Bluebird pair as they continue to make their home in the birch stump box on the south fence of my office patio yard. The first two images are a… Continue Reading “More Bluebird Magic”

Buoyancy – Update

Twelve days ago I posted about Truman, my twelve year old Border Collie. In a matter of a day, he had lost his ability to stand, refused food, and was seriously depressed. I thought his time on Earth, and with me, was over. Then,… Continue Reading “Buoyancy – Update”

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