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Yesterday, our neighbor Greg alerted Robert to a family of red foxes that live on his property. He knows that I enjoy filming wildlife. Greg chatted with Robert and sent him a picture in a text of the foxes trotting down our rural road,… Continue Reading “Foxy!”

Late July

The air is hot. Still, recent rain retains the greenness of the place. The red clover carpets the pastures, offering nectar to those which seek it. Black-eyed Susans burst proudly upwards towards the sun While butterflies flit about the wild flowers And fly catchers… Continue Reading “Late July”

A Crow

Back in or around 1998 I wrote the following poem. While I called it Raven, it was in fact an American Crow with whom I had the brief encounter about which I write. I suppose I thought that the term Raven was a bit… Continue Reading “A Crow”

Bloganuary: What is your favorite quote and why?

I’m not a bragger.  I am actually a fairly humble being – I try to walk lightly and let my action speak louder than my words.  That’s true even though I am an author who puts much of my life’s experiences and lessons into… Continue Reading “Bloganuary: What is your favorite quote and why?”

Bloganuary – Favorite Childhood Toy

My second Bloganuary post answers the following question: What was your favorite toy as a child? Betsy was a baby doll. She was the size of a real baby and she was dressed in a blue, corduroy dress with a white scalloped collar. Her… Continue Reading “Bloganuary – Favorite Childhood Toy”

Counterfeit Caviar

Late in the day on Dec 30, I decided that I wanted to do something fun and special for New Year’s Eve.  We typically just stay in.  In ‘normal’ years that would be for one of the following reasons:  1. We are lazy 2.… Continue Reading “Counterfeit Caviar”

Parrot Biscuits!

Today, I’m posting a unique topic compared to my traditional fare. I’ve been wanting to make my own parrot biscuits for a long while, but it never got close to the top of the priority list. I finally did it and I feel great… Continue Reading “Parrot Biscuits!”

Dogs as Our Teachers

A few weeks ago I was invited to add a “topic” to a new website which has been designed to help authors reach more readers and readers peruse more books. The topic had to be unique to me. I also had to provide distinctive… Continue Reading “Dogs as Our Teachers”

Merry and Bright

I’ve been away from blogging for a while as I was feverishly working on a culinary craft project / Christmas presents. Yesterday, after a few weeks of producing my treats, the boxes were sealed and shipped. I checked the tracking numbers this morning and… Continue Reading “Merry and Bright”


I thought last weekend was crazy cold, but this coming weekend promises to be even more outrageously frigid. It’s enough to make me wonder if warmer weather will ever arrive. One way to combat the feeling of doom is to bring Spring into the… Continue Reading “Giardiniera”