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The At-Home Naturalist

Let’s get one thing straight.  I’m not an ornithologist.  Yes, I played one in college.  That’s accurate.  In 1982 I spent six months in Monte Verde, Costa Rica studying the “Nest Site Displacement of Hoffman’s Woodpeckers by Emerald Toucanets.”  That was a long time… Continue Reading “The At-Home Naturalist”

The Order of Things

Animal Mammal Human Gender Race Country/Region of Origin   (mixed breed, Northern and Eastern European) Cultures of Influence  (Mid-western America / Scandinavian & Northern European – mostly regarding foods that were prevalent in my childhood home i.e. I like herring) Nationality  (United States Citizen) Family … Continue Reading “The Order of Things”

Hydroponics – Mung Bean finale

I’ve drained, dried and put the Mung bean sprouts in the refrigerator for later use in a recipe that I have yet to determine. The countertop sprouts project was a fun first attempt at hydroponics. I will definitely do it again. I have just… Continue Reading “Hydroponics – Mung Bean finale”

Hydroponics – Day Six

Project One – Countertop Sprouts My last post showed the delicious results of harvesting half the alfalfa sprouts for sandwich fixins’ Photo below is what remains. I think it’s sandwiches again tonight for dinner! The header photo and the one below show Mung bean… Continue Reading “Hydroponics – Day Six”

Hydroponics – Time To Eat!

Countertop Sprouts – DELICIOUS! The alfalfa sprouts were ready to eat by dinner time on Day Five of their growth. I harvested about half of them from the jar by filling it to the top and allowing the loose hulls to flow over and… Continue Reading “Hydroponics – Time To Eat!”

Hydroponics – Day Five

Project One – Countertop Sprouts Alrighty then! Just five days after putting three tablespoons of alfalfa seeds in a 32 0z. Mason jar with some water and I think I will harvest them this evening. I’m having constant thoughts about food – and what… Continue Reading “Hydroponics – Day Five”

Hydroponics – Day Four

Project One – Countertop Sprouts Getting hungry for tuna salad sandwich with lots of sprouts! I read that it’s time to process (totally dry and refrigerate) alfalfa sprouts when they are about three inches long. I think mine are racing towards that goal, quickly.… Continue Reading “Hydroponics – Day Four”

Hydroponics – Day Three

Project One – Countertop Sprouts “Houston, we have sprouts!” No, I don’t live in Texas. Just using that iconic phrase about “lift off!” This morning the alfalfa spouts were, well, SPROUTS! So awesome. I know there are millions of people out there that have… Continue Reading “Hydroponics – Day Three”

Hydroponics – Day 2

Project One – Countertop Sprouts I chose to do the first rinse before bed, so the primary soak lasted about eight hours. I hope that was long enough. Waiting until morning would have been over fifteen hours, so I made a decision. I can’t… Continue Reading “Hydroponics – Day 2”


The frogs are chorusing in our farm pond, a sound I correlate with Spring! But, it’s only March 6th, and dropping down around freezing every night. Still, I cannot shake my need to see green. Although the temperatures remain chilly and the grass dons… Continue Reading “Hydroponics”