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Information about writing, books I have published and those that I have in the works, and even my experience self-publishing.


I was scolded and my ethics were called into question.  It wasn’t exactly how I wanted my second Monday of the New Year to begin.  But, it is what it is.  S*it happens.  As a sixty year old, mature person who considers herself logical,… Continue Reading “SCOLDED”

Spinach for Breakfast?

A couple of days ago, Robert ran to the store for a few things and I asked him to pick up some frozen fruits like raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. Last year my doctor wanted to prescribe drugs to address my slowly increasing cholesterol values,… Continue Reading “Spinach for Breakfast?”

Can We Hunt Buffalo Together?

Here is another unpublished chapter from the work in progress; “A Dog Trainer’s Guide to Human Happiness.” You may find the previous chapters interesting, as well: The Dog with Eighteen Elbows and To Write (about the US Military Veteran’s wife and training Service Dogs)… Continue Reading “Can We Hunt Buffalo Together?”

The Dog With Eighteen Elbows

Following up on my goal of sharing some writing which is lingering to become a book, here’s a chapter I pulled from my intended tome “The Dog Trainer’s Guide to Human Happiness.” See the prologue that I posted a couple of days ago HERE.… Continue Reading “The Dog With Eighteen Elbows”

To Write

If you have seen my posts over the past few months, it’s clear that I have spent much of my time traveling around the property, practicing my new photography hobby and posting the images of the flora and fauna I filmed on this blog.… Continue Reading “To Write”

The At-Home Naturalist

Let’s get one thing straight.  I’m not an ornithologist.  Yes, I played one in college.  That’s accurate.  In 1982 I spent six months in Monte Verde, Costa Rica studying the “Nest Site Displacement of Hoffman’s Woodpeckers by Emerald Toucanets.”  That was a long time… Continue Reading “The At-Home Naturalist”

The Order of Things

Animal Mammal Human Gender Race Country/Region of Origin   (mixed breed, Northern and Eastern European) Cultures of Influence  (Mid-western America / Scandinavian & Northern European – mostly regarding foods that were prevalent in my childhood home i.e. I like herring) Nationality  (United States Citizen) Family … Continue Reading “The Order of Things”

Hydroponics – Mung Bean finale

I’ve drained, dried and put the Mung bean sprouts in the refrigerator for later use in a recipe that I have yet to determine. The countertop sprouts project was a fun first attempt at hydroponics. I will definitely do it again. I have just… Continue Reading “Hydroponics – Mung Bean finale”

Hydroponics – Day Six

Project One – Countertop Sprouts My last post showed the delicious results of harvesting half the alfalfa sprouts for sandwich fixins’ Photo below is what remains. I think it’s sandwiches again tonight for dinner! The header photo and the one below show Mung bean… Continue Reading “Hydroponics – Day Six”

Hydroponics – Time To Eat!

Countertop Sprouts – DELICIOUS! The alfalfa sprouts were ready to eat by dinner time on Day Five of their growth. I harvested about half of them from the jar by filling it to the top and allowing the loose hulls to flow over and… Continue Reading “Hydroponics – Time To Eat!”