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Information about writing, books I have published and those that I have in the works, and even my experience self-publishing.

Our Green Mile

The photo above was taken on the third of June a couple of years ago. It had been a very wet, rainy spring. That meant that grasses grew well, but the farmers struggled to get their crops in the ground. The first cutting of… Continue Reading “Our Green Mile”


It took courage and faith for my now husband Robert to come live with me in southern Wisconsin.  It was a long, twelve hours away from his home in Joplin, Missouri.  He didn’t know if the love would last.  He didn’t have a job. … Continue Reading “Cheese-heads”

SHAMARON Book Trailer

Lessons My Dogs Have Taught Me

When choosing how to best populate this blog with valuable, interesting and uplifting information, I decided to look back into the old, dusty file folders on my computer. I found this gem. The messages below grew from the relationships I had with my first… Continue Reading “Lessons My Dogs Have Taught Me”

10 Most Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make – And How to Resolve Them!

When I decided to take a year to write my book SHAMARON – Dog Devoted, I realized that it would be impossible to completely unplug from prospective clients in search of a solution to their puppy problems. And so, I wrote this book first.… Continue Reading “10 Most Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make – And How to Resolve Them!”

SHAMARON – Dog Devoted

“I felt like a bowling ball had been plunged into my stomach. There it was; my name and my dog’s name written next to a number one. Everything outside my body became insignificant. The prospect of this adversity occurring had never crossed my mind. How could I be so foolish?”