The Koi Pond

Just outside the french doors to my office is my fish pond. I have a few koi and many common gold fish of different colors. The “pond” is composed of a 400 gallon, poly stock tank. Floating containers provide aquatic plants a place to thrive and hardy water lilies overwinter and provide their unique blooms every year.

Aquatic mint can be invasive. But, as a container plant it hangs over the water and offers shade and a tasty snack for the fish. Like “regular” mint herb, the aquatic variety is edible and makes great tea.
I like the brilliant white and orange colored fish. Their unique patterns make them easy to identify. Yes, they do seem to have distinctive personalities which you will find if you spend enough time gazing into their world.
“Besties” holding fins. I love the calico colored fish.
I love my spitter. He is actually a downspout ornament that we rigged with a standard, inexpensive recirculating pump.
When we kept sheep to train our herding Border Collies, I used to love watching them graze in the pasture. Pond-gazing gives me that same, tranquil sensation.
This yellow-white lily in its first season.
A pensive fairy sits at the end of the pond.
This red color is the first variety of water lilies I purchased. It has bloomed for three summers.
This floating, solar fountain isn’t powerful, and it does go into standby mode when in shade. But it provides just the right amount of spray to make things interesting.

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