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Gotta Love Me a Robin’s Nest

This one has been built in a pear tree in our little orchard, in the same place as last year. I remember being a little kid as my mother reached up and held a hand mirror over a Robin’s nest that was built on… Continue Reading “Gotta Love Me a Robin’s Nest”


Behavior is an interesting subject – whether human, dog or bird. We can attempt to evaluate why an individual behaves in a certain way, but sometimes it’s just a moot endeavor. It’s fairly common that one of my clients will observe her dog present… Continue Reading “Strange”


It was pretty hot and humid when I decided to sneak out between pop-up thunder storms that were moving through the area. I was surprised to view the photos of several birds that I took because they were all panting from the heat. Barn… Continue Reading “Sweltering”


I’m still waiting for a few of my favorite birds to arrive, like the Eastern Kingbirds, the Indigo Bunting and the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks. But, this past few days I’ve noticed a couple of other returnees. This is the Brown Thrasher. Yes, what a horrible… Continue Reading “Returnees”


Technically, we have a few weeks before the official beginning of Spring. But, ever since I was a small child, seeing an American Robin was always the sign that Spring had arrived. Today March 3, 2021 I saw my first Robin. He flew to… Continue Reading “SPRING!”