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Deep Autumn

Perennial plants, like the grasses that comprise much of our farm-gone-wild, are going dormant for the winter. But, first they must release the bounty of their summer’s mission. Seeds that float on a breeze to disperse next year’s promise can appear like snow in… Continue Reading “Deep Autumn”

Autumn Images

Allow me to turn the captions of the following photos into prose… Seed pods open, releasing future generations of precious milkweed While trees announce the season with their stunning autumn attire Twisted grasses offer sustenance to migrating birds As a Red-shouldered hawk balances on… Continue Reading “Autumn Images”

Late Autumn

It was cold today. The wind was fierce. I wore two hats and a hood to remain on the edge of comfort while I sat patiently waiting for a special moment to materialize. It was worth it. Here are my favorites for the day.… Continue Reading “Late Autumn”