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Aerial Acrobats

The Barn Swallow chicks, which have occupied several mud nests under the eaves of our house and buildings, are soaring. Yesterday, I sat waiting for the Indigo Buntings (future post) to arrive at a spot near the house where they tend to come for… Continue Reading “Aerial Acrobats”

You’ve Got A Little Sumthin’ on Your Chin

So, I came upon this today. I saw a Barn Swallow perched on a plant hanger near my front porch. I thought; he looks so calm and relaxed, maybe he’ll stay put for a photo. Then, I notice the mud on his face. Clearly… Continue Reading “You’ve Got A Little Sumthin’ on Your Chin”

He’s Got Somethin’ to Say!

The Barn Swallows are busy making their mud nests under the eaves around our property – including my office patio. I have a string of lights that runs the sixteen foot width of the patio, and the birds land on that wire to hang… Continue Reading “He’s Got Somethin’ to Say!”