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Girl Power

In some species of birds, the male and female are nearly indistinguishable. Only through behavioral difference can you tell them apart. But in many species, the male and the female look different – a little or a lot. When that occurs, much of the… Continue Reading “Girl Power”

Tossin’ one back

I have the privilege to watch a Belted Kingfisher hunting on our pond this afternoon. He would perch in a tree or large shrub about twenty to fifty feet above the water’s surface. He was scanning for a fish. When he spotted one, he… Continue Reading “Tossin’ one back”

New Species

Every time I see a new species of bird on our property, I get excited, and sometimes awestruck. Who knew that birds of all different types would find us? We live in a very rural area surrounded by thousands of acres of land that… Continue Reading “New Species”


Because I am usually trying to display a bird’s unique characteristics, I usually crop photos to present just the bird. In reality, the bird is a tiny bit of information in the middle of the photo because typically I have to maintain my distance… Continue Reading “Serenity”