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Can We Expect You?

While I was sitting at my desk, a Northern Mockingbird landed on the lights that I have strung across my office patio. I had never seen that before. I have observed Mockingbirds in nearly every corner of the property. During the summer season, they… Continue Reading “Can We Expect You?”

Take Turns

Each day since we put up the feeding station in the Pond Meadow, I get the sense that more birds are feeling comfortable checking out this new option for resources. I recently posted photos of a Northern Mockingbird that took advantage of the fresh… Continue Reading “Take Turns”

Caught In Flight

It was a lovely, sunny day on November 8, and I took advantage of that natural light to film the birds that had found our new feeding station. It’s located well away from the house, with the hopes that the more “flighty” species might… Continue Reading “Caught In Flight”

Gold Is Always In Season

Yesterday I gingerly opened my office door to the patio. There were birds on the feeders, and I hoped to catch them. Alas, they flew off. I knew the routine. They would come back if I was patient and remained still. It worked. A… Continue Reading “Gold Is Always In Season”