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Still hanging out

While I don’t usually do it as a routine, sometimes I go to http://www.eBird.org where I fill in a checklist of birds I’ve observed on a specific date. That organization uses the data from hobby birders when evaluating the populations of birds around the… Continue Reading “Still hanging out”

The Blue Grosbeak

This summer I missed seeing a few species of birds that I had observed in previous years. The melodious Northern Mockingbirds were missing as were the lovely Goldfinches. I’m happy to have filmed a juvenile Mockingbird in late August and I’ve heard Goldfinches many… Continue Reading “The Blue Grosbeak”

A Sing-Off!

I have been hearing the song of a Blue Grosbeak nearly every time I go out looking around. This is a species that I ache to film. While I have a few decent pictures, none displays this handsome bird’s brilliance. I usually hear them… Continue Reading “A Sing-Off!”

Lucky Six Seconds

For a few weeks I’ve noticed what I assumed was Blue Grosbeaks flying back-and-forth across the pond. I’m fairly certain they have a nest in some scrubby land just west of the water. Quite often, when I’m sitting near the pond hoping to catch… Continue Reading “Lucky Six Seconds”