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How To Attract Bluebirds

I created this “package insert” for our FarmGoneWild bird houses that Robert and I build and that we sell at http://www.farmgonewild.etsy.com I thought the information might be interesting as a post.

Nest Box Check Results!

Yesterday I had a stressful business day. When I got back to the house I was exhausted. But, the weather was lovely (almost hit 80 degrees F for the first time this year with full sun.) I knew that the weather was about to… Continue Reading “Nest Box Check Results!”

Farm Gone Wild

There’s an unfinished book in my “BOOKS & WRITING” folder on my computer. It is titled Farm Gone Wild. It’s the story of how, over the past 10+ years, I have watched and even encouraged Mother Nature to grace our acreage with her charms… Continue Reading “Farm Gone Wild”

Flower, Fruit, food

Back in the third week of May, our property was adorned with the bridal-white flowers of wild berries (mostly raspberries – but, some blackberries.) Nearly every fence post supported a bush filled with the pristine little flowers that promised to become fruits, one day.… Continue Reading “Flower, Fruit, food”

Nest Box Status Update!

It’s mid April and the birds are making preparations for their breeding season, and some are already in full swing. For a few species, this includes using the nest boxes that we provide. The above diagram shows the nest boxes we offer to the… Continue Reading “Nest Box Status Update!”