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Hogwarts Forbidden Forest

I get the sense that this Brown-headed Cowbird I filmed last week might reside in Harry Potter’s famous Forbidden Forest of Hogwarts. Perhaps, he just flew in for a quick visit. What do you think?

The Brown-headed Cowbird

There is no morality in Nature. But, you wouldn’t know it to speak to many bird watchers. Black colored birds, in particular seem to get a very bad rap when it comes to their fan base. Take Grackles, for example. When they show up… Continue Reading “The Brown-headed Cowbird”

The Bigger Cousins

Yesterday, I posted photos of the little birds that have been visiting my patio feeder. Here, I share some images of the birds just a size larger. MALE NORTHERN CARDINALS FEMALE NORTHERN CARDINALS BLUE JAY (Taking bites and swallowing suet) EUROPEAN STARLING BROWN-HEADED COWBIRD… Continue Reading “The Bigger Cousins”

Two-Headed Cowbird?

The late afternoon sun reduced the definition and the two male Brown-headed Cowbirds appear to be one bird, with two heads! Brown-headed cowbirds are often viewed in a negative light because of the way they make a living. Using a strategy referred to as… Continue Reading “Two-Headed Cowbird?”