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Birds live in trees. I get it. But, why do those branches have to get in the way of a pretty photo? Yesterday, after several days of overcast skies, rain and then snow, I endured the cold in order to take advantage of a… Continue Reading “Obscured”

No Gloves!

After many days of flurries, freezing rain and more rain… finally the sun came. All was well with the world…well, except for the mud. I hate the mud. If I didn’t have several dogs that required time outdoors (in the mud), I wouldn’t have… Continue Reading “No Gloves!”

Living On The Edge

Our property in Fayette County, Illinois sits along the edge that separates the zones of two related species; the Black-capped Chickadee and the Carolina Chickadee. Many different bird sites present maps of the territory where the two species overlap. Yep. It runs right through… Continue Reading “Living On The Edge”