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Meadow Song

Here are two powerful meadow-singers that are quite similarly marked. This Eastern Meadowlark (left) and a Dickcissel (right) are sharing a tree top to belt out their messages. Both of these birds spend a significant amount of their time vocalizing across the prairie. They… Continue Reading “Meadow Song”

Doin’ a little decorating

 This is a Dickcissel. It is a “grassland bunting,” generally speaking, but taxonomists struggle to determine it’s closest relative. All About Birds website sites that it’s currently in the same family as the Northern Cardinal. However, “In the past, it has been placed in… Continue Reading “Doin’ a little decorating”

Dickcissel Love

Let’s get one thing straight; I’m not a wildlife voyeur. Sometimes, I’m just privy to events that maybe were intended to be private. I had my camera poised at a Bluebird nest box, waiting for a parent to arrive with grubs to feed the… Continue Reading “Dickcissel Love”