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Disabled but Determined

Back at the end of April, I published a post about a lovey Bluebird couple that was considering a nest box that sits outside my office, which is in the back of our home. Here’s that post HOPEFUL. The pair didn’t select that location… Continue Reading “Disabled but Determined”

Daddy’s Home!

“Daddy’s home. He brought dinner!” “What did he bring?” “Arachnid Crudo! Your favorite!” This is a male Eastern Bluebird. He is delivering food to his recently hatched chicks. Both parents hunt tirelessly to feed their brood. Here’s a photo of those babies.

Taking Care of Wifie

I was fortunate to film this handsome Eastern Bluebird taking snacks to his mate who is setting on eggs! This is the first Bluebird pair that I’ve filmed this Season. I have found eggs in two other houses and the start of a nest… Continue Reading “Taking Care of Wifie”

Building A Better Bird House

About a decade ago we graciously accepted Mother Nature’s bit to assume control of our farm in rural Illinois.  After raising sheep for years, we retired from competitive herding trials with our Border Collies.  We sold the sheep and turned our efforts to training… Continue Reading “Building A Better Bird House”

Bird’s Eye View

This handsome Eastern Bluebird assumed a look out position at the very top of a retired utility pole near our old barn. I suppose he wanted a Bird’s-Eye-View.

To catch a flycatcher

The identification of the various flycatcher species of birds is described as challenging, at best – especially to the more novice birding enthusiast like me. Some species have clearly definable traits that make identification far easier. For example, the Eastern Phoebe’s bill is all… Continue Reading “To catch a flycatcher”

Another WTF Moment

This nest box is located at the far northwest corner of our property. A Bluebird couple has been incubating and now is feeding chicks. I haven’t spent much time observing this pair because the box opening faces East. I typically can’t get out and… Continue Reading “Another WTF Moment”

They’re Baaaack!

Last year in February, we experienced a Polar Vortex deep-deep-freeze event which seemed to have a significant influence on various bird species. In particular, I saw devastating posts in social media of entire families of Bluebirds which had taken refuge from the freezing temperatures… Continue Reading “They’re Baaaack!”


It was pretty hot and humid when I decided to sneak out between pop-up thunder storms that were moving through the area. I was surprised to view the photos of several birds that I took because they were all panting from the heat. Barn… Continue Reading “Sweltering”


If you had the time to read my update on our nest boxes, PARENTHOOD, you may be aware of Raggedy Ann, an Eastern Bluebird that has had a bad go of it this Spring. You may read the whole story of Ann at the… Continue Reading “Annie!”