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Watch & Learn

This baby House Finch (the noisy one) seems to be demanding that his father (the red one) feed him. Rather than give into the little one’s expectations, it appears that the father and mother (which shows up a bit later) are teaching the fledgling… Continue Reading “Watch & Learn”

Rear Window

In the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock movie, Rear Window, Jimmy Stewart plays a photojournalist who recently broke his leg. To alleviate his boredom while confined to a wheelchair, he takes up peering out of his back window at his neighbors. When we first built our… Continue Reading “Rear Window”

Lovin’ The Rustic Look

I take pictures, but I’m not really a photographer. I keep the camera setting on auto-focus because I can’t fathom having to do that on my own with the speed and directional changes that birds make. I only minimally understand the lighting “stuff” about… Continue Reading “Lovin’ The Rustic Look”

THREE Minutes of Avian Delight

The sun was shining and I had filled the platform feeder in the Pond Meadow with black sunflower seeds, safflower seeds and peanuts. It didn’t take long before the “Usuals” showed up to receive my offerings. It was a glorious day – partly because… Continue Reading “THREE Minutes of Avian Delight”

Winter Sunshine

Yesterday, I went out to the pastures for the first time in seven days. The weather and work commitments had prevented me from getting outdoors. I really needed it. It is truly my happy place, and it offers me almost a meditative experience. The… Continue Reading “Winter Sunshine”

Finch Fun

House Finches comprise a large percentage of the birds that visit the platform feeder in the Pond Meadow. For that reason, they are always available to film. But, for that same reason, sometimes I look elsewhere to aim my camera as I feel like… Continue Reading “Finch Fun”

A Little Sumpin’ Special

I’m someone who believes that I can pretty much accomplish whatever I set out to do. But, I’m also a realist who understands that learning how to stand on water skis isn’t going to happen with the body I have, so I don’t have… Continue Reading “A Little Sumpin’ Special”

Cool Images

I’m coming clean. Back in the day, when I worked in Corporate America, I was a judger. When I walked up to a co-workers cubicle,I tried to refrain from judging. But, sometimes my mind slipped and I would think, “enough already with the kid… Continue Reading “Cool Images”

See Ya!

Catching an image of a beautiful bird and then capturing its exit doesn’t happen very often. But, when it does, it’s worth sharing. BLUE JAY: “Gotta fly!” RED-BELLIED WOODPECKER: Eating suet – “Thanks for the left-overs!” NORTHERN CARDINAL: “Goin’ incognito for a while!” HOUSE… Continue Reading “See Ya!”


Somewhere between the thrill of getting a focused image of a bird I had never seen and today, a transformation has happened. I am still thrilled to encounter a new species and document it through photography. My species total stands at 79 birds I’ve… Continue Reading “Art”