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Orioles – and not the sports team!

We had a crazy Spring. I say “had” because in a matter of a day, the cold, drab, barely-pushing-seventy degree weather is now over ninety degrees! I feel a bit cheated by the wet weather because I didn’t get out much to observe the… Continue Reading “Orioles – and not the sports team!”

Tropical beauty in Illinois

Orioles bring a splash of tropical color to our summers, when they spend a few months breeding and producing MORE Orioles! They love citrus and it’s fairly customary for folks to provide slices of oranges (or Grape Jelly) I suppose perhaps to help them… Continue Reading “Tropical beauty in Illinois”

Grape Jelly Eating Contest

Welcome Competitors to the annual Grape Jelly Eating Contest! We are happy to host this event each Spring when our best challengers come to rival their adversaries in this “Sweet” event! Now, let’s introduce the contenders! At jelly saucer #1, our returning winner, it’s….Oh… Continue Reading “Grape Jelly Eating Contest”