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It was pretty hot and humid when I decided to sneak out between pop-up thunder storms that were moving through the area. I was surprised to view the photos of several birds that I took because they were all panting from the heat. Barn… Continue Reading “Sweltering”

A Face Only A Mama Can Love

Typically, baby animals are adorable. But, not all little ones make your heart melt. Take, for example, the Purple Martin chicks. It’s a good thing that their parents think the world of these little cherubs. They work hard to bring home the bacon –… Continue Reading “A Face Only A Mama Can Love”

Deep Purple

After posting the outrageously comprehensive nest site status info (for a hobby blog), PARENTHOOD, I realized that I failed to mention our colony of Purple Martins that reside just outside my office patio! They are a constant source of entertainment. I love their cheerful… Continue Reading “Deep Purple”

A Week of Images

I’ve been busy with normal stuff, but I’ve also had time to go out around the property to see what’s happening. Yet, I just checked and my last blog post was April 8. That’s almost a week ago. I have beautiful things to share,… Continue Reading “A Week of Images”

They’re Baaack!

They’re Back! I went outside today and heard a familiar chortle. I looked up to see a Purple Martin perched on the gourd tower. Real work has kept us busy and we haven’t replaced a few of the gourds that fell off during the… Continue Reading “They’re Baaack!”


We were very fortunate two years ago when we put up a cheap, farm-store Purple Martin house and within days had a small colony forming. I think we had six pairs that fledged chicks that first year. The photos below are from last year… Continue Reading “PROTOTYPE”