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The Special Acre

When Robert and I first visited the property on which we have now lived for over twenty years, we were standing in the driveway with the realtor who gestured to the land across the street. “That acre over there also belongs to this property,”… Continue Reading “The Special Acre”

Flick it

In the past few days I have checked in with the Red-headed woodpecker activity in the dead branch of a large tree. A new hole is being constructed about 35 feet up, in a location that is not very easy to film – or… Continue Reading “Flick it”

Woodpecker Housekeeping

Today, I checked in on the Red-headed woodpecker I had observed (and FILMED) last week. So, I have learned a little about Woodpecker housekeeping. It exists. And, it’s appears to be a grab and toss strategy. I suppose if you watch this video on… Continue Reading “Woodpecker Housekeeping”

90 Seconds of Red-Headed Woodpecker Work

I showed this video to my husband and he said, “what’s he doing?” I’m not sure if he’s excavating a hole where he plans to invite a female to lay eggs. I’m not even sure it’s a male. I’m not sure if he’s working… Continue Reading “90 Seconds of Red-Headed Woodpecker Work”

You Can’t Un-see This!

When we purchased our property almost twenty years ago, I learned about an interesting real estate “condition” regarding rural land in this county. As the Realtor was showing us the house, the barn and the pond, he also gestured to the parcel of land… Continue Reading “You Can’t Un-see This!”